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Som deltagare i kursen “Energimedicin” har du även möjlighet att ta del av en avancerad kurs som startar efter din kurs är slut. Om du är intresserad av ämnet och vill fördjupa dig ännu mer så rekommenderar vi dig att ta en titt på detta erbjudandet. 

Du har nu möjlighet att köpa till den avancerade kursen “Building your shamanic life journey” som startar den 12 oktober 2020. Observera att detta är en internationell kurs på engelska (utan översättning) och med deltagare från hela världen.

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The Advanced Online Course with Alberto Villoldo

“Shamans assume that the world is only real because we have dreamt it into being.”

Alberto Villoldo

Certified training

Get a certificate of participation for shamanic detoxification and ancestors therapy.

Enhance your biology

Learn to work with the energetic matrix, which conveys information to your body and carries in itself your genetic code and your possible fate.

Four Winds Faculty

Access to Four Winds Faculty, where all your questions are answered and you are guided through the course
For thousands of years, medicine men and women have developed healing methods based on improving the quality of the light energy field (LEF) – the energy matrix that surrounds all living beings and creates health or illness in the body. By healing our light energy fields, we can create a new fate for ourselves and others.
Your shamanic life journey is designed to provide you with key techniques and practices of the shamans which you can apply immediately. You will not only be able to enhance and repair your LEF, but also to heal your physical body. You will learn how to work directly with your energy field in order to free yourself from a past that no longer serves you and to erase any family drama and health tragedies from your field.

This is a one-time offer
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799 € instead of 1999.00 €


Payment in six installments of 135 € is possible.

We will start together on October 12, 2020

(As continuation to the Course “Energy Medicine”)



Do you want to create your shamanic life journey?

Now that you have learned the shamanic toolkit, do you want to delve deeper into shamanic wisdom?

Expand your consciousness and integrate shamanic principles into your everyday life.
“Your Shamanic Life Journey” is designed to provide you with powerful insights from the life of a shaman. You will learn to connect with the fields of wisdom allowing you to heal your physical body, remove the traces of illness, free yourself from a past that no longer serves you, erase family drama and health tragedies, hack the bio-field, find the source of all your mental injuries, meet the jaguar, and much more …
Be among the first people worldwide to be offered the opportunity to join this NEW, advanced online course.


Online course with 6 chapters and 50 lessons
1899 €
6 live coaching sessions The course program includes 6 live online calls with the Master Teachers team of the Four Winds Faculty. These live sessions were conceived to provide you with comprehensive instructions and demonstrations in order to analyze your deep-rooted personal issues using a number of teaching methods.
600 €
Audio guide All course lessons can be downloaded as audio files, allowing you to save them to your phone and listen to them wherever you are!
97 €
Workbook in modern design, helping you to deepen your progress. The workbook is full of helpful questions and summaries referring to all lessons of this online course.
47 €
Bonus: One Spirit Medicine - 10-day detox program
97 €
Bonus: Constellation of Ancestors – free yourself from the chains of your ancestors
97 €
Bonus: 3 Past Lives – guided meditation
57 €
Bonus: Spirit animals (guided meditation) in German
57 €
Total value
1999 €
Our Price
799 €

This is a one-time offer
that can only be booked NOW!



799 € instead of 1999.00 €


Payment in six installments of 135 € is possible.

We will start together on October 12, 2020

(As continuation to the Course “Energy Medicine”)



60-day money back guarantee!

Test the course without any risk now with our 60-day satisfaction guarantee and find out whether you want to use Life in Flow in your life. If you are not satisfied with the course for whatever reason, we will refund the full price to you within the first 60 days!

Low on budget? Pay by installments

Get the online course now and pay conveniently in four small installments!

Money shouldn’t be an issue

You are currently in a tight financial situation and you cannot afford the online course? Email us at and describe your situation, and we will strive toward making the course possible for you.

As a participant of this advanced online course “Shamanic Life Journey”, you are given the opportunity to experience a live initiation ritual with Quero shamans from the Peruvian Andes and Alberto Villoldo.

Due to the current global situation, the ritual will be postponed to autumn 2021. More information will follow.

All participants of this course are allowed to attend the initiation.
Alberto Villoldo and the shamans themselves will hold teachings about the prophecies of their ancestors passed on from generation to generation.

A rare event and maybe a unique chance …

Bonus: 3-day course (online)
“The Great Shamanic Initiation”

It happens very rarely that indigenous shamans from South America leave their villages and share their traditions and wisdom with outsiders..

But here’s your chance to use such a rare opportunity! In this course, Alberto Villoldo und Q’ero shamans from Peru present their teachings for personal transformation. And you can attend the event online!

The Great Shamanic Initiation gives you the unique chance to receive teachings for your personal transformation and renewal directly from the Guardians of the Earth in the high Andes of Peru.

You can be present when Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos and Q’ero shamans conduct initiation rituals and ceremonies serving the transformation of the self and helping to initiate a new era for mankind.

In addition, the shamans from the Andes and Alberto Villoldo
will jointly perform an updated and vivid reading
of their prophecies for the time after 2019.

Chapter 1: The foundations of shamanism
  1. Introduction
  2. The shaman’s world
  3. The myth of the garden of Eden
  4. Reconquering the divine female
  5. The blueprint of life
  6. The holy space
  7. Spirit animals
  8. Viracocha
Chapter 2: Your light energy field
  1. The chakras
  2. Expanding Viracocha
  3. The morning ritual
  4. Reclaiming ancient healing methods
  5. The light energy field
  6. Resetting the stress reaction
  7. The audacity to heal
Chapter 3: Illumination process
  1. Ethics and intention
  2. Searching for imprints in the LEF
  3. The illumination process
  4. The illumination process in detail
  5. Finding the source of all mental injuries
  6. Familial imprints and core injuries
  7. New and better stories
  8. Healing and the light energy field
Chapter 4: Neuroscience
  1. Questions and answers with Alberto
  2. Healing the body-minds connection
  3. Hacking the biofield
  4. Epigenetics
  5. Neuroplasticity
  6. The fight-or-flight mode
  7. A biological upgrade
  8. Mitochondria
  9. Human brain, divine spirit
  10. The four brains
  11. The four brains, part 2
  12. Uncovering the four brains
Chapter 5: Growing a new body
  1. Detoxification and emotions of happiness
  2. Activating the longevity gene
  3. Organ renewal
  4. Questions and answers on the detoxification path
  5. Hacking the biological code
  6. The micro-biome
  7. The difference between knowledge and wisdom
Chapter 6: Healing your karmic origin
  1. Meeting the jaguar
  2. Preparation for the three past lives
  3. Guided meditation into the three past lives
  4. Dissolving karma
  5. Making peace with your parents
  6. Honoring the ancestors
  7. Practicing the methods

This is a one-time offer
that can only be booked NOW!



799 € instead of 1999.00 €


Payment in six installments of 135 € is possible.

We will start together on October 12, 2020

(As continuation to the Course “Energy Medicine”)


Alberto Villoldo

Before he started traveling, Alberto Villoldo studied the human brain at the university of San Francisco. He examined how the mind, the brain, and the body can be kept healthy and how illnesses are caused. It became clear where psychosomatic illnesses come from. But how could the body, the mind, and the soul be healed?

These considerations inspired him to look for alternative approaches – views of space and time that were different from those in our western culture. So he started to research the differences in the perception of space and time in different cultures.

So he left his lab, packed his suitcase and traveled into the Amazonian jungle. During his journeys, he met many shamans, not only in the Amazonas region, but also in the Andes, in Africa, Indonesia, and Brazil.

He met people who were capable of healing the body and maintaining health only with the power of their mind and by using herbal substances.

He learned a lot from them, first as a medical anthropologist, later as a student of the shamans.